She Looks Like A Normal Middle-Aged Woman, But Her REAL Age Shocked Me!

by Cassandra Morris
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Every day, no matter where you look, the media tells women that we need to look young forever — and that their creams, masks, and lotions will help us to do that.

However, considering that we women are mere mortals, it’s safe to assume that no cream will ever accomplish this (no matter how steep the price tag).

But in Suffolk, England, one woman named Nina Snelling might have just discovered the secret to eternal youth — and today, she’s sharing this secret with the world.

As Nina wrote in her piece for Daily Mail, the secret is a very simple one, and it can’t be found in a tube, jar, or on an operating table.

Rather, Nina believes that the secret to a wrinkle-free face is all in your lifestyle choices — and after seeing her incredible photos, I’m beginning to think she’s right…

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When asked to guess Nina Snelling's age, most people usually assume she's in her 50s — but when they learn the truth, their jaws drop. "Barely a day goes by when someone doesn’t balk at my age," Nina wrote for Daily Mail. "I’m used to people refusing to believe me when I tell them..."

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Born in 1933, Nina is 81 years old — more than three decades older than most people guess! What makes Nina's age all the more shocking? She insists she's never had a single plastic surgery or Botox injection.

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So what's the secret to her youthful appearance? According to Nina, it's her martial status. "Despite five marriage proposals and my fair share of boyfriends, I have never said yes or even been tempted to stick with one person for life," she wrote.

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"Bypassing the stress of living with a man or being married to the wrong one is what I think has kept me looking young."

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But it's not just her perspective on men and marriage that keeps her fresh. Nina also doesn't follow society's guidelines for older women. "Being over 60 doesn’t mean obligatory pleated midi skirts and slippers... Aged 81, I have more than earned the right to dress and be how I want," she writes. "It’s depressing that long before women reach middle age, they are sidelined by popular culture, ad campaigns and the fashion industry."

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