Baby Fox Gets Rescued From A Fur Farm And Meets Her New Best Friend

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

When Nirvana the fox arrived at A New Hope Animal Sanctuary, she was terrified and untrusting of humans.

And it was no small wonder. The fuzzy pup had been raised on a fur farm in Minnesota and likely did not have the best experiences with humans.

Meanwhile, at the sanctuary, there was a white fox named Soul who didn’t really fit in with the other foxes in the sanctuary’s care.

His best friend there was a dog, but Director Maxine Baird hoped that he would one day reconnect with his foxy roots, just like all of his lovely cousins in the wild.

And that was about to happen.

When the shy, skittish Nirvana arrived at A New Hope, she gravitated toward Soul right away. The two hit it off immediately and soon became inseparable.

Nirvana provides Soul with company, and Soul is teaching Nirvana, who’d previously been cooped up in a small cage, how to explore, play, and just be a fox.

And their names are pretty fitting, too, don’t you think? Read on to see this adorable friendship unfold!

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Nirvana was born and raised on a fur farm in Minnesota, where foxes are selectively bred to have fur in a variety of colors and patterns for clothing.

Due to living in a cramped cage and probably not being shown much love, she was skittish and afraid.

Luckily, she escaped a grim fate, but settling in at the sanctuary wasn’t easy.

Director Maxine Baird hoped she’d make friends, both human and otherwise, since Nirvana would be spending the rest of her days here.

Ranch foxes, as foxes from fur farms are called, can’t survive in the wild after so many generations of being bred in captivity.

But still, the transition took time.

Until Soul came along. Soul was another of the sanctuary’s foxes, but he was also a loner.

“We were hopeful he would someday find a friend that likes him despite his goofy personality,” Baird said. “Now that Nirvana is here, that day has finally come!”

The two hit it off immediately and have been good for one another, Baird reports.

With Soul’s encouragement, Nirvana is coming out of her shell and learning to be more playful and relaxed.

“Every day, we see her becoming herself a little more,” Baird says. “Right now, we’d describe her as clumsy, shy, but very sweet.”

Foxes are adorable, but Baird stresses that foxes are not pets. They belong either in the wild or, like in cases like Nirvana’s, in sanctuaries.

You can keep up with Nirvana’s growth and adventures with her new friends on A New Hope’s website, where you can also donate to provide her with treats, toys, and more love, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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