He Cuts The Top Off A Balloon, But Watch What He Does Next. I Need This NOW!

by Caroline Bayard
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Who says we’re too old to play with toys?!

After seeing this next video, I plan on making one of these items for my home, my kids, my car, and my office.

This would also make a really great gift for pretty much anyone. What are they? Stress balls, those tiny toys beloved by everyone from babies to people like myself who type away all day and suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

On his wildly popular YouTube page, Grant Thompson, aka “The King of Random,” is always making bizarre things like this glow-in-the-dark mud made from a potato.

Although making do-it-yourself “ninja balls” is indeed a little random, as one YouTube commenter pointed out, it has some pretty great uses. Children with sensory issues, like this sweet baby born with Down syndrome, can benefit greatly from playing with the flour-packed balloons. It’s also a pretty great thing for seniors who have arthritis to keep around…not to mention all the people out there who need to take a moment to de-stress!

The best part about the following project is that it’s affordable and easy to do yourself. It might be a little messy, but as you can see in this other video from Thompson, some of the most worthwhile projects are!

Would you try this out yourself?

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