Family Finds 9-Year-Old Easter Egg Behind Couch Cushion, So They Decide To Break It Open

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Easter is almost here, and you know what that means: tons of family visits, good food, and of course, Easter eggs!

Egg dyeing has become synonymous with Easter, especially with little ones in the family.

It’s so much fun to do, and there are plenty of awesome techniques out there to make amazing-looking eggs.

Once the holiday fun is over, all those dyed Easter eggs get tossed so they don’t spoil.

But have you ever thought what would happen if one of them missed the trash, and what horrible, disgusting transformation it would undergo?

The family in the video below ended up in this unique and terrifying situation.

After pulling out some old furniture that had been in storage for years, they discovered an Easter egg hiding under one of the couch cushions.

The ancient thing was over nine years old, so they did what any logical people would do: they cut it open to see what the inside looked like.

What horrors are lying just beneath that deceptively colorful surface? What kind of smell could possibly come from it after nine long years of stewing? You’ll just have to check the video down below and see for yourself.

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Thumbnail Source: Flickr / Dennis Yang

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