Young Nurse Asks Distraught Birth Mother If She Needs Anything, Ends Up Becoming A Single Mom

by Amy Paige
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At just 25 years old, Claire Mills is already a proud homeowner who’s working at a job she absolutely loves.

She just recently finished construction on her brand-new bachelorette pad.

Claire was born a preemie, which inspired her to grow up to become a pediatric nurse in an intensive care unit. She now works 12-hour shifts in a Texas NICU. She obviously loves babies, but she has been more focused on being a single working woman than a single mom.

Then one day, a pregnant woman in distress was admitted into Claire’s unit to undergo an emergency cesarean section.

The pediatric nurse helped deliver baby Jackson, who was born five weeks premature and weighed just under 4 pounds.

Claire spent the next few weeks forming an undeniable bond with the tiny baby, along with his biological mother and the Child Protective Services worker assigned to their case.

Imagine Claire’s shock and heartbreak when she arrived at the hospital to learn Jackson and his mom were suddenly gone. They were discharged while she was off-duty.

Claire called the caseworker in tears, desperate to do whatever she could to help. She didn’t know it at the time, but she was about to receive an offer she couldn’t refuse.

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