They Watch A Slideshow Of Their Newborn Grandson Without Knowing He’s In The Room Behind Them

by Amy P
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After Dave O’Regan posted this video of his family on YouTube, it quickly stole the hearts of everyone who saw it.

Dave’s big brother John has lived in Australia for 10 years. John and his fiancée Claire recently had their first baby, Niall.

John and Claire decided to come home to Ireland one week early to surprise his parents.

They thought they were watching a slideshow of pictures of their first grandchild — but they were slightly mistaken.

The slideshow is full of adorable shots of baby Niall, taking baths, cuddling in his crib, laughing with Mom and Dad. The video switches back and forth between the slideshow and John’s parents as they laugh and cry along with the photos.

But, of course, nothing is as fabulous as seeing the real thing in person. Little do his parents know, John is right there in the house, standing in the other room with their grandson in tow.

When they finally realize the big surprise by the end of the video, I couldn’t help but tear up. What an incredible gift, and what a happy homecoming!

This 11-week old baby boy is already surrounded by so much love.

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Video Credit: Dave O’Regan / Twitter

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