Cover Your Lawn In Old Newspapers For A Cheap And All-Natural Weed Killer

by Cassandra Morris
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As someone who loves nature, I try my best to live in an Earth-friendly way. I don’t litter, I take public transit, and I recycle as often as I can.

But I’m always looking for ways to do better and live with less impact.

But honestly, it can be tough. Living organically can be really expensive, and life often moves way too quickly for me to always make the most responsible decisions.

That’s why I love learning eco-friendly tricks like this. Who knew that by simply hanging on to some old newspapers, you could not only enhance your garden, but improve the Earth?

So often, the things that are the worst for nature are expensive for us. Seems kind of backwards, right?

Well, thanks to this incredible tutorial from the award-winning gardener Kevin Jacobs, you’ll not only be saving nature, but quite a few bucks as well!

Will you be trying this out in your backyard? Let us know in the comments if you do!

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If you have a plot of land that's perfect for gardening, but it's been invaded by weeds, don't be so quick to turn to chemical sprays.

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

With just some old newspaper, you can completely transform the way you garden forever. Both nature and your wallet are sure to appreciate this!

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

First, start off by watering your garden very well. Then, begin to lay down the pages of your paper directly atop the weeds and around your existing plants.

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

Once you've completely covered your chosen ground, you're ready to start watering.

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

Grab your hose and give it a good douse. Don't worry about water being unable to penetrate the paper; it'll go right through to the soil below.

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

Once your papers are soaked through, cover them with a 3-inch layer of mulch. You can use shredded leaves or wood chips.

diy newspaper mulch backyard gardening

The newspaper not only starves out weeds, but it feeds the soil below as well.

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

Soon, your paper will begin to decompose — which will make for some very happy little worms! These little guys are essential for building healthy soil, which means better veggies.

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

If you don't have a lot of newspaper, you can use cardboard instead. It will work just as well.

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

Isn't this a great alternative to toxic chemicals? The Earth is sure to thank you for this!

newspaper garden diy summer mulch yard

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