Newscasters Show Coworker’s Baby Pictures Live On Air, But Grow Silent When She Cries

by Kat Manos
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It’s officially springtime and that means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Some people really love to show their mothers and mother-figures a surprise or two for the holiday  but newscaster Lisa Hidalgo had no idea she’d be crying on camera when one surprise was for her.

This past week, in preparation for the holiday, Denver7  the city’s local news station  decided to reach out to the mothers of their own newscasters for a fun piece in their broadcast.

That’s when the Denver7 team got a chance to meet newscaster Lisa Hidalgo’s own mother, Barb Kershenstein.

One member of the team, Connor Wist, reached out to Barb and asked her a bunch of questions about being Lisa’s mother, and even got a few embarrassing stories and pictures out of her!

They planned to film the interview and show it live on-air with Lisa standing at the news desk, but Lisa had no idea how moved she’d be by her mother’s interview.

Barb tells her daughter on camera, “I just love you so very, very much  you know that. You’ve been a treat in my life, a joy in my life, and hopefully we’ll have many, many years together.”

Once Lisa heard her mother’s message, she couldn’t help but start crying on camera! Lisa’s coworkers were equally moved by the video, and you can tell the newscasters truly care for one another.

Lisa is a mom herself, so hearing her own mother talk about her inspired her to be the best mom possible.

Check out the heartwarming video below that includes Barb’s message and Lisa watching it at work! Be sure to SHARE this touching story on Facebook!

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