Pregnant News Anchor Gets Ultrasound, But ‘Empty Sac’ Tells Doctors It Turned Into Rare Cancer

by Amy Paige
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Michelle Velez, a news reporter for KSNV in Las Vegas, kept missing work. Every time she’d try to go into work, she’d feel so sick that she had to leave.

Viewers at home noticed her frequent absences, but it would be months before Michelle felt comfortable enough to open up and reveal what really had been going on.

In August 2019, Michelle took a pregnancy test that came back positive. The mother-of-two was so excited at the thought of having their third baby.

But when Michelle went to her first prenatal ultrasound, the doctors said her gestational sac was empty.

Michelle and her husband were completely devastated.

“We were sad we lost the baby. We have never had a miscarriage before.”

At first, doctors weren’t too worried and they advised Michelle to let her body miscarry naturally.

It was only later that they realized she’d been suffering from a molar pregnancy. “It’s a pregnancy that is not viable — meaning a fetus never formed — but instead of miscarrying the pregnancy continued to grow and produced invasive tissue,” she wrote on Facebook to her thousands of followers.

For Michelle, the unexpected diagnosis meant her abnormal pregnancy was turning into something else entirely in just a matter of weeks…

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