Bride Stops Own Daddy-Daughter Dance, Then Yields Floor To Bridesmaid’s Terminally Ill Father

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Most people know the general outline of a wedding: first, there’s the ceremony, then cocktail hour, then dinner, then dancing.

During the dancing portion of the night, there are usually a few required dances — the first dance between newlyweds, and, of course, the father-daughter dance.

For many people, the father-daughter dance is one of the most special moments of the whole night — like at Linsey’s wedding. It’s usually a sweet and sentimental opportunity to see the bride and her father share a lifetime of memories.

Newlywed brides Michaela and Nora knew their father-daughter dances would be special, but not in the traditional sense.

In fact, after Michaela and Nora danced with their dads, they called up another special father to dance with his own daughters.

Bridesmaid Jessica, her sister Megan, and their terminally ill father were called to the dance floor, and it quickly became an emotional moment for everyone involved.

And I’ll warn you, you might want to grab some tissues before you keep reading.

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dad daughter

After Michaela and Nora Cook-Yotts tied the knot, they took to the dance floor for their father-daughter dances.

Once they’d completed their dances, though, they called up some other important people to have their own daddy-daughter moment.

father-daughter dance

Before the wedding, Michaela, Nora, and their good friend (and future bridesmaid) Jessica got together to talk about Jessica’s dad, Peter.

Peter had cancer for the fourth time, and doctors only gave him a month or two to live.

wedding party

Because of his terminal illness, Peter would never be able to dance with his daughters at their weddings.

Peter, Jessica, and Megan were so important to Nora and Michaela’s lives that they knew they had to do something special for the family.

jessica megan peter

Michaela and Nora told Jessica and Megan their plan to involve them in the father-daughter dance, but nobody mentioned it to Peter.

When they called Peter’s name at the wedding, he immediately started tearing up.

jessica peter

Peter and his two daughters got emotional during the dance, knowing this would probably be one of the last times they’d dance together.

The family was so grateful that the two brides were OK with sharing their special day with them.

crying dance

Jessica described the act as “selfless” and wanted the brides to know how much she and her sister appreciated the chance to dance with their dad.

jessica michaela

Megan and Jessica will undoubtedly be devastated when their dad passes on, but now they’ll have this incredible memory to look back on.

And it must be a relief for Peter to know that he got to do the traditional father-daughter wedding dance with his girls, even though it wasn’t at their own weddings.

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