Bride And Groom Brave Freezing Weather To Capture Perfect Wedding Shot In Front Of Eiffel Tower

by Kat Manos
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We all know that weddings take months, and sometimes years, of preparation. So when a bit of weather threatens a wedding, few things are more stressful.

One couple in Paris wasn’t going to let a bit of unusual weather throw off their prep for the big day!

During February 2018, Paris saw up to six inches of snow, which is quite unusual for the City of Lights’ normally temperate climate.

The Eiffel Tower was uncharacteristically shut down, while hundreds were stranded at local airports.

The Telegraph noted that dozens of drivers abandoned their cars in the streets, unable to drive through mounds of snow.

However, in the video below, Inside Edition reports that one bride and groom refused to let the weather ruin their big day.

With the snowy Eiffel Tower in the distance, the pair posed for their wedding photographer with grace, battling through the cold.

The bride’s strapless gown certainly didn’t help her look warm, but I’m sure the photos they got were gorgeous!

Would you have done what this couple did? Or would you try to figure out a plan for beautiful wedding photos indoors?

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Photos: Inside Edition

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