Bride And Groom Walk Into Black Lives Matter Protest For Their Emotional ‘First Look’ Moment

by Amy P
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Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins was supposed to marry the love of her life in mid-March. However, their big day had to be rescheduled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Perkins is a gynecologic surgeon currently working on the hospital front line in Philadelphia.

Before exchanging their vows on their new wedding date of June 6, Dr. Perkins and her fiancé, Michael Gordon, saw the Black Live Matters protesters marching right past their wedding venue.

Before officially tying the knot, the couple decided to experience the traditional “first look” in the middle of thousands of protesters.

“I walk up to her, I grab her hands and her hands are shaking,” Michael told NBC10.

“She’s trembling.”

Even with all the action surrounding them, Michael could only focus on his beautiful bride-to-be as he saw her in her dress.

The couple then shared a kiss as the crowd cheered and celebrated right alongside with them.

As you’ll see in the video below, it was an incredible moment — and one that has become a representation of the movement.

And if that wasn’t emotional enough, the couple went right back to the protest after getting married to join the march as newlyweds.

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