Father And Daughter Share Adorably Hilarious Dance On Her Wedding Day

by Paul Morris
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Just about everyone loves wedding traditions. From the beautiful wedding dresses to the cutting of the cake to the throwing of the beautiful bouquet, there’s just something special about celebrating the love between a newlywed couple taking their vows.

It’s tough these days just to plan a wedding. It seems these days that the cost to an average wedding is enough to pay for the down payment of a home, or could help with credit card bills or pay off any student loans. It’s just so tough to find a good wedding photographer and wedding venue, then you have to worry about flower arrangements and where to place everyone to sit at the wedding venue.

But after everything is said and done, the bride and groom’s family and friends are all there to watch the wedding rings be placed and it’s always worth it in the end. But after the wedding ceremony is over you can get to the fun stuff: the wedding reception!

So when this father and daughter got ready for their dance, the whole wedding party certainly wasn’t expecting something as amazing as this!

Check out their amazing dance below if you love wedding traditions!

Linsey was overjoyed that her whole family could make it to see her get married to the absolute love of her life.

So when it came time for the traditional father and daughter wedding dance, she decided to add a bit of her hilarious dad’s personality into this amazing moment of her life.

The music began simple enough as the two embraced for a sweet slow dance.

But suddenly the music drastically changed, and the whole wedding party couldn’t possibly have been more amused at what happened next!

These two hilarious people showed that just because you’re at a “serious” event, that doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up a bit and have some fun!

Dancing to modern pop songs of all sorts spanning throughout the years, this father and bride really brought a smile to everyone lucky enough to be there!

The dance routine ended up back where it began. The two embraced in a beautiful little slow dance before dad dropped to his knees, wishing the best of luck to his beautiful daughter. It really doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

Please watch this hilarious father and daughter dance team below.

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