Parents Fear Newborn Twins ‘Have Forgotten Us’ After Not Seeing Daughters For 5 Weeks

by Amy Paige
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Kendra Berry-Stankovich delivered her twin daughters, Danica and Quinnlyn, on February 20, 2020. The adorable girls from Pennsylvania arrived a few weeks early at 31 weeks.

Kendra and her husband Michael started to visit the twins in the NICU … but those regular face-to-face visits were short-lived.

Because of the new visitation guidelines, it’s been about five weeks since the parents have seen their daughters in person.

Within the first three weeks of Danica and Quinnlyn’s lives, the hospital went on full lockdown.

“They called us and told us that we couldn’t come back,” Kendra told CBS.

Though Kendra and Michael say the nurses have been as caring and helpful as possible, stepping in as the twins’ guardians, they are devastated to not have been able to visit them since the lockdown.

Their older kids back at home haven’t even seen the babies in person yet.

Now, without skin-to-skin contact or the ability for Kendra to nurse, the parents are terrified that their daughters have already forgotten them.

Now the couple is sharing their story to help other new parents navigate this staggering reality.

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