Mom Christens Newborn Son Only For Doctor To Tell Her 5 Months Later She’d Given Birth To A Girl

by Amy Paige
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Now here’s a pregnancy story you don’t hear every day!

When Madelisha Hiscock got pregnant with her second child, she and her husband couldn’t wait to learn the baby’s sex.

At the first prenatal scan, doctors thought it was a girl. Two more ultrasounds later, and they were sure of it. Madelisha instantly knew she wanted to name her daughter McKenzi.

But at the pregnant mother’s fourth scan, doctors changed their tune. Now, they said it was a boy.

Despite the strange and confusing turn of events, Madelisha and her husband were equally excited. The couple from South Africa already had a 3-year-old daughter, so they were delighted to learn they were expecting their first son.

“It felt like our baby’s sex was changing every other minute, but I didn’t expect there to be a problem after the birth,” she said.

When Madelisha gave birth, doctors examined the newborn and confirmed yet again it was a boy, whom she’d come to name Kenneth.

Madelisha quickly got Kenneth christened, told all her family and friends she’d just welcomed her first son, and filled his nursery with blue baby clothes, toy cars, and everything a baby boy could ever want or need.

As the weeks passed by, however, Madelisha and her husband felt a lingering sense that something just wasn’t right.

They took Kenneth back to the hospital… and after several more tests, doctors delivered news that left the parents speechless and “in utter shock.” I can see why.

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