This Sneaky New Smoking Trend Is Gaining Popularity Among Kids And Teens

by Olivia Jakiel

It used to be somewhat easy catching your teen or youngster doing things like smoking (hello, one sniff and it’s pretty obvious), but with ever-changing technology in this day and age, it can be almost impossible to tell what your child is really doing — or trying to hide from you.

According to an original report by CBS 2 Chicago, e-cigarette smoking is on the rise, especially among high school students.

In a video posted to YouTube (because naturally, that’s what this generation does when they do ANYTHING), one teen says e-cigarettes are “the best,” while another boasts that smoking these devices “taste like candy.” A pretty far cry from what smoking cigarettes used to be like, in my honest opinion. 

On top of the appealing taste, e-cigarette devices can be hard to spot. According to CBS 2, some “look like flash drives and recharge when plugged into a laptop” and are also “smaller and easy to hide.” 

Not only are e-cigarette manufacturers marketing their product toward children and teens, many kids are unaware of the amount of nicotine they’re consuming when they smoke e-cigs. According to the report, one “pod” (or cartridge) is equal to one pack of cigarettes, which is terrifying for a couple reasons. One of the scariest has to be the way nicotine affects brain development in teens and young adults.

The other is what else this smoking trend leads to…

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