Young Mom Cries Out In Pain 6 Weeks After Boyfriend Surprises Her With New Designer Bag

by Amy Paige
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29-year-old Jade was so excited when her boyfriend Tony surprised her with a brand new designer bag.

The fire-engine-red Michael Kors tote was not only stylish but functional; it was large enough to hold all of her belongings, and so she carried with her every day.

But as the days passed, Jade noticed a sharp pain in the shoulder on which she carried her new bag. The pain shot up to her neck, too. At first, the mother-of-one assumed the bag was too heavy and pulled her muscle. She thought it would heal on its own and continued using her favorite tote.

But six weeks later, the soreness had only worsened. She decided to pay a visit to the doctor to get a CT scan on her shoulder — and now Jade credits the Michael Kors bag for saving her life.

Scroll down to see what doctors had to say about the pain in Jade’s shoulder…

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Jade Lagden, 29, is a former primary school supervisor and mother from London.

Over the summer, her boyfriend Tony surprised her with a brand new Michael Kors tote bag.

Simon Jacobs / Caters News Agency

Jade was thrilled with Tony’s sweet gift (a new designer bag!) and transferred all of her important belongings from her old tote to her new one.

Days later, she began experiencing pain in her shoulder and neck.

Jade assumed the pain was from a pulled muscle as the result of her new bag’s heaviness… and that it would eventually heal on its own.

Simon Jacobs / Caters News Agency

But the pain in Jade’s shoulder only worsened.

Six weeks after she began carrying the Michael Kors bag, Jade went to the doctor for CT and bone scans on her shoulder.

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That’s when Jade received the devastating news: the pain she was experiencing had nothing to do with her designer bag, but it certainly helped her discover the truth.

Doctors diagnosed the twenty-something mom with secondary breast cancer in her liver and lymph nodes.

Jade was surprised to learn that her neck and shoulder pain was linked to her liver; we all have a nerve connected from the liver to the neck.

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Sadly, Jade was no stranger to the terrible disease. Having already battled breast cancer in 2013, Jade went into remission once after enduring radiotherapy, a mastectomy and full breast reconstruction.

Now, she credits the bag gifted to her by her boyfriend for saving her life and getting her diagnosed so quickly the second time around.

In the effort to shrink her tumors, Jade is currently undergoing rounds of chemotherapy.

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Jade credits her family, friends and boyfriend for keeping her spirits high and setting up fundraisers on her behalf.

One of their main goals is to make sure Jade and her 11-year-old son, Taylor, are able to continue creating memories together.

Simon Jacobs / Caters News Agency

Thankfully, much of Jade’s pain has subsided… and she continues to take her beloved and “life-saving” Michael Kors bag everywhere.

“I love it and if it wasn’t for my new bag, I might not have experienced such severe pain and my cancer could have spread further,” she says.

Despite the fact her cancer is incurable, the brave mother hopes doctors will stabilize her tumors so she can have as much time with her son as possible.

Jade says she’s now sharing her story to raise breast cancer awareness.

Jade wants to remind everyone to seek a doctor should you or a loved one experience any unusual pain. Please SHARE her story with your friends on Facebook!

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