8 Parts Of Your Body You Should Never Touch

by Grace Eire
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Sometimes, our hands seem to have minds of their own: wandering between our faces, random objects on our desks at work, and high-traffic objects like doorknobs and railings.

Most of the time, the amount of bacteria and yucky stuff on our hands is astronomical, and you really don’t want to transfer that bacteria to certain parts of your body. On the other hand, there are other parts of your body that could even add to the amount of the bacteria on your hands.

To be blunt, there are eight parts of your body that you should never touch.

How often do your hands wander to these spots on a regular basis? I know that we are all guilty of at least one or two of them, perhaps even a couple hundred times a day!

Are you worried about the spread of bacteria from your germy fingertips? Do you always carry around a little bottle of hand sanitizer?

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1. Your Face


You’ve always heard that you shouldn’t touch your face, but why? It’s such a hard habit to break, but according to Dr. Ava Shamban in Huffington Post, your hands contain so much bacteria, viruses, and allergens that touching your face can wreak havoc on your skin and your general health.

2. Your Mouth


According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, a third to a quarter of bacteria tested was transferred from fingertips to the mouth and lips. Are you even aware of how often you touch your lips? It’s probably thousands of times a day.

3. Any Open Wound

3. Any Open Wound

Since we already know that your hands are covered in bacteria, it’s not a very smart idea to touch an open wound. You really don’t want to get an infection, so make sure you wash your hands before properly cleaning and bandaging any scrape or the like. Take the Mayo Clinic’s word for it.

4. The Inside Of Your Nose

4. The Inside Of Your Nose

In an interview with Vice, Dr. Zara Patel explained that there are natural, healthy bacterias living in your nasal cavity. When you stick your fingers up there, you introduce completely different bacteria to the area. This foreign bacteria can overtake the good bacteria and cause serious problems for your health.

5. Your Booty

5. Your Booty

There is bacteria on your rear, including E. coli, that could be potentially harmful if you get it all over your hands. You should always wash your hands after they get anywhere near your butt.

6. Your Eyes

Grace Eire for LittleThings

Bacteria aside, rubbing your eyes excessively is no good for keeping the skin around your eyes looking nice and young, according to Dr. Sherry. But, yes, once again, you want to keep your bacteria-infested paws out of your eyes to avoid getting conjunctivitis, aka pink eye.

7. The Inside Of Your Ears


Your ears are, for the most part, a self-cleaning system, according to Men’s HealthYou don’t want to be sticking your fingers, or anything else, in there, lest you tear the delicate skin or introduce bacteria to the area.

If you do suspect you have some wax buildup or an infection causing you to be itchy, go to your ear doctor instead of trying to take care of it yourself!

8. Underneath Your Nails


An article published by the Journal of Clinical Microbiology explains that there is at least twice as much bacteria under your fingernails as there is on any other part of your hand. This is because it’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that normal handwashing with soap can’t really reach. Yuck!

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