11 Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Do you ever get hangry? That fateful feeling when you get so hungry, you get angry?

You may think that it’s not that big of a deal to go about your day on an empty stomach, but there are many things that you shouldn’t even think about doing when you haven’t eaten in a while.

We’re all well aware of the things we shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach, but there are additional activities or actions that can endanger you or others when performed with an empty tank.

Skipping breakfast might seem inevitable for those that have to rush out the door every morning, but how much do those five minutes it takes to make a piece of toast really cost at the end of the day?

Don’t ignore your body when it’s hungry, and make sure you especially don’t do these 11 things when you have an empty stomach.

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1. Take Medicine

pills in hand

Taking medicine on an empty stomach comes first on this list because it can be incredibly dangerous! Taking antibiotics or aspirin in this condition can wreak havoc on your intestines, which can lead to serious issues such as stomach ulcers.

Certain medications, according to Medical Daily, also need to be taken with food so that your body can absorb them better. Heed the word when you are instructed to take medication with food!

2. Work Out

working out

Working out on a completely empty stomach isn’t going to do anybody any good. Your body needs fuel to expend so much energy. Without it, your metabolism won’t have anything to work with, and it will slow down.

For some of us who eat late dinners and don’t get a lot of sleep, this may mean that the fuel from last night’s dinner is enough to work with. For others, a light snack like some nuts or fruit will give your body that extra boost of energy that it needs, as it’s explained by fitness expert Kayla Itsines.

3. Go Clothes Shopping

fitting room

For your own good and the good of your closet, have a little snack or a light meal before you go shopping. No need for a huge meal, but if you go clothing shopping on an extremely empty stomach in the hopes that you’ll like the way you look in the fitting room, you may experience the woe of the falsely “flat tummy.”

When you try on your clothes healthily and happily well-fed, those clothes you just purchased may tug and pull on you in a different way, or you may simply feel mentally different in the clothing.

You also don’t want to make any hangry decisions as a result of low blood sugar, so have a snack to avoid the returns line!

4. Travel

4. Travel

When you go out into the world with an empty stomach, your body is more prone to illness. We all know that high-traffic places like airports and public busses are riddled with germs.

Give your immune system a boost to protect yourself from colds, the flu, and even worse with a healthy, balanced diet, especially before you travel!

5. Go Into Labor

pregnant woman

While it’s not recommended that you eat during labor, you’re definitely going to need your energy for pushing that baby out. Foods such as fruits will give you a quick burst of energy, and plain pasta will give you the carbs you need for long-term energy, according to Livestrong.

If you can plan ahead to eat an energy-packed meal before you go into labor, it’s highly recommended. If you go into labor unexpectedly, talk with your doctor about what you should do, as everyone has a different opinion. It’s also important to listen to your body!

6. Drink Caffeine


Drinking coffee or tea in the morning is a pretty standard practice world-wide. However, if you do so on a completely empty stomach, you risk heartburn and increased acid levels for the rest of the day, which can lead to serious health issues like stomach ulcers and acid reflux disease.

Caffeine on an empty stomach can also increase anxiety levels throughout the day because of an imbalance of hormones caused by your favorite morning drink, according to Positive Med.

If you need your morning caffeine, make sure you give your body some substance, like a piece of toast, to balance it out.

7. Eat A Ton Of Sugar


Sugar is very readily absorbed by your body, so when you eat a ton of sugar on an empty stomach, your body isn’t able to produce the proper amount of insulin. This can lead to hypoglycemia if you are not careful.

8. Eat Citrus Fruits


Eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach can cause some seriously uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms for those that struggle with GERD or acid reflux, according to Livestrong.

Avoiding citrus fruits on an empty stomach will help keep these symptoms at bay, and you should reach for a less acidic fruit, like a strawberry, instead. Even if you don’t struggle with GERD, this is a good tip to keep your acid down for the day.

9. Drink Alcohol


Dr. Harris B. Stratyner reports in The New York Times that without anything in the stomach, the metabolization of the alcohol happens much faster.

This will result in getting intoxicated much faster, which as we all know, can be very dangerous. Always eat before drinking!

10. Make Big Purchases

10. Make Big Purchases

When your blood glucose levels drop, it affects your mood and ability to make decisions, as it’s noted in a study published by the American Diabetes Association.

This doesn’t just happen to those with diabetes, though, everyone can be affected by their glucose levels. If you’re feeling irritable and a little hungry, don’t sign a lease on a condo or purchase a car. Have a snack first and mull it over.

11. Drive

11. Drive

For the same reasons stated above, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel on an empty stomach. Driving is dangerous enough as it is, and you need to be fully alert in order to keep the roads safe for yourself and for others.

Do everyone a favor and make sure your tummy isn’t grumbling before you buckle up, and maybe even keep some granola bars in the car for emergency pit-stops.

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