10 Things You Should Never Do While Shopping At The Mall

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

As every family knows, packing up the whole brood for a trip to the mall can be quite the undertaking.

With all the commotion, it can be easy to get distracted from all the things you should never do at the shopping mall.

For instance, I remember getting my ears pierced not just once or twice, but four times at my local mall growing up. Each and every time I ended up with an infection, but I just blamed my crummy ears and kept trying. Apparently I was being far too willy nilly about my poor ears instead of paying attention to #1 on the list below.

That’s not the only mistake people make while hitting the mall.

Some are less drastic than others, but trust me — if you keep them all in mind the next time you find yourself cruising through the stores, you will have a much less stressful shopping experience.

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything you know folks should never do at the mall.

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Thumbnail source: Flickr / Britt Reints

1. Get Ears Pierced Willy Nilly

Ear piercing

According to studies, those piercing guns are sometimes not fully sterilized due to the plastic casing. Even if they wipe down the needles before piercing, there could still be a high chance for bacteria to seep through and cause infection.

So before taking the piercing plunge, make sure to find a mall or non-mall establishment with plenty of experience and a passion for keeping their stations clean.

2. Use The Main Public Bathrooms

Mall bathroom

If nature calls while you’re browsing, head to the fanciest store and find their bathroom rather than the ones found outside of the stores that might not be as regularly maintained.

Even if you can’t afford the items at a chic designer store, you can still take advantage of their usually cleaner facilities.

3. Go In Without A List

Shopping list
Jess Catcher

It might seem like not a huge deal to go in blind and wing it, but studies have shown you’re more likely to spend an average 23% more on impulse buys when you go without a plan.

4. Put Everything On A Credit Card

Credit card

You might think you’re getting more from your purchases with credit cards that offer points or other incentives for various items, but that actually just makes you more prone to swiping your card on items you don’t actually need or want in the first place just to reap the “rewards.”

5. Forget To Bring Snacks


If you know you’re going to be spending plenty of time on your trip, don’t rely on the pricey snacks available at the food court and kiosks — especially if your kids are joining you and get grumpy when hunger pangs strike.

Stock up on some healthier options before heading out, and you’ll spare those pennies for more fun things on your shopping list.

6. Shop When You're Tired

tired woman

Obviously, we don’t make the best choices when we aren’t fully alert, but that’s also what some retailers are counting on when you show up just before they’ve closed and find an expensive item on display catching your eye and clouding your judgement.

Some even use this to their advantage by having “flash sales” in the evening hours, leaving your groggy mind with split seconds to decide.

7. Leave The Stroller In The Car

Baby stroller

If you’re hitting the shops with kids or grandkids in tow, you might think it’s easier to let them walk on their own rather than push a bulky stroller around, only to kick yourself later when they decide that translates to free reign to run around from store to store.

Remember, you can use the stroller to store your purchases while you roam!

8. Drag All Of Your Bags From Store To Store

Shopping bags

Many malls have free storage options that most folks never think to take advantage of and end up overloaded with several hefty purchases. If you can’t find them at your mall, try asking someone at the information desk.

9. Check Out At The Front Of The Store

9. Check Out At The Front Of The Store

If you’re shopping at the department stores, don’t head back up to the front when you’re ready to make your purchases. Instead, make your way to the cashiers in the lingerie or bedding sections where you’ll likely find much shorter lines.

10. Accept An Item's Price As-Is

Price tag

I’m not saying you should haggle with the cashier over every purchase, but it’s worth looking up the item on your phone at other retailers to see if they’re offering it for less cash from your pocket.

You can then ask the cashier if they will do a price match. Whether or not that’s something they can provide, it doesn’t hurt to ask! You might be surprised by how many retailers are happy to make the match to keep their customers loyal.

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