The Royals Just Shared A Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Baby Archie In Honor Of Charles’ Birthday

by Sarah Bregel
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Prince Charles just celebrated a birthday — the big 71. In honor of the special event, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just shared an adorable photo of baby Archie to help him celebrate the day.

They don’t share too many photos of the young prince, so anytime we catch a glimpse of one, it’s a pretty big deal. Surely, they didn’t mean to steal the show, but no one can get enough of baby Arch!

It was an adorable shot, as usual. The photo, which was from the little prince’s christening, is of Prince Harry holding baby Archie while granddad Charles looks on. Charles is gazing at him like only grandfathers can do (even though the whole world loves this royal baby).

While many people came out onto the streets to help the duke and duchess celebrate the christening day, it was certainly most special for the royal family themselves.

The most recent image of the little prince was shared on the Royal Sussex Instagram page along with the caption, “Happy Birthday to his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Sir, Pa, Grandpa!” They certainly made sure to get all the important titles covered.

Meghan Markle has been open about the scrutiny from the British media, especially since becoming a mom. Being under the spotlight is rough, and there’s no question as to why they prefer to mostly keep Archie out from under its glare.

Check out the brand-new photo in the video.

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