Netflix Is Showing Serious Interest In Working With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

by Angela Andaloro

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped away from their lives as senior members of the royal family, the possibilities are endless.

There have been all sorts of ideas as to what ventures the couple might pursue next. First, there were rumors of Meghan getting a voice-over deal with Disney. There have also been talks about Meghan pursuing a career in fashion.

In the midst of the many rumors stands Netflix. There’s been some buzz that the streaming giant is interested in bringing Harry and Meghan on board as production partners. A potential deal for the Sussexes with Netflix would look similar to some existing deals the company has with other big names, such as Barack and Michelle Obama.

It would allow Harry and Meghan to create content for the platform that’s in line with their beliefs and work. The possibilities are endlessly fascinating and show that the future is bright for Harry and Meghan.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently working on their transition out of their royal roles. While it won’t be complete until the spring of this year, there’s a lot of conversation as to what’s next for the couple. Being able to work in the private sector opens up a number of possibilities.

Much of the buzz surrounds Meghan, as she already had an established career before joining the royal family. There have been reports that Meghan has signed a voice-over deal with Disney, although the report is unconfirmed. The project would reportedly benefit Elephants Without Borders, a charity Harry and Meghan have worked closely with.

Karey Burke, the president of ABC Entertainment, made mention of Harry and Meghan in the wake of their news. ABC is a division of Disney, which makes the mention extra-notable. “We have an office waiting for them in the animation studios building should they be looking to produce television,” she noted.

Disney isn’t the only one looking to get into cahoots with Harry and Meghan. The Daily Mail reports that Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, is also interested in working with the two. “Who wouldn’t be interested? Yes, sure,” he remarked at a Los Angeles event.

As to what that partnership might look like, Barack and Michelle Obama’s Netflix deal has been looked at as a point of reference. The former US president and first lady have a number of projects in the pipeline for the streaming giant. Many of those projects are films and documentaries with historical significance.

A Netflix deal for Harry and Meghan would be further interesting when you consider what one of the streaming giant’s biggest shows is right now. The Crown is presenting the royal family’s story like never before. The series’ story line is currently up to Prince Charles’ young adulthood.

The series is supposed to take six seasons and bring us to the present day. This is where Harry and later, Meghan, could provide valuable information as series consultants. However, a source close to Harry is indicating that’s unlikely.

Since season four will introduce Princess Diana, Harry will obviously be introduced at some point before the end of the series. However, biographer Angela Levin broached the subject of the show with Harry while writing Harry: Conversations With the Prince. Harry is deeply uninterested in being portrayed on the show.

According to a recent interview Angela did with BBC Breakfast, Harry asked her if she watched the show. When she admitted she didn’t, he joked about putting an end to it. “I’m going to make sure I stop it before they get to me,” he allegedly said.

Harry also has another project in the works. He’s working alongside Oprah Winfrey to create a documentary series for Apple about mental health and wellness. The documentary was announced by Kensington Palace last spring.

Harry and Meghan do have some time to figure out their next moves. They’ll still be undertaking royal duties on behalf of Queen Elizabeth until everything is finalized in spring. Even after, they’ll be getting a little help from Prince Charles.

The Telegraph reports that Prince Charles will help Harry and Meghan out with private financial support for a year. It will not come from any public funds, however.

“The substantial cash injection is expected to come from his own private investment income rather than revenue generated by the Duchy of Cornwall estate which has traditionally funded the heir to the throne and his two sons,” wrote Victoria Ward.

The couple also has some other funds to rely on. There’s everything that Meghan has earned in her acting career. There’s also Harry’s inheritance from Princess Diana. The total of their various sources of wealth is reportedly around $30 million.

Harry and Meghan have a plethora of opportunities available to them. They’ll obviously be careful in what they choose to connect themselves with, as the royal family will be watching. We don’t doubt that their decisions will be interesting and promote all the values they’ve held dear.