Residents Who Have Been Fed Up With Neglected House For 17 Years Fight To Make Owner Demolish It

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Residents of a street in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, New York, are proud of the clean, pristine properties lining the block, except for one house that has been slowly falling apart since 2001.

The house’s owner lives just a few blocks away, according to residents, and yet has declined to answer requests to clean up the property.

The home’s roof is partially collapsed, and nearby residents report that squatters and teenagers who drink and smoke take shelter in the “zombie” house. There is debris and trash littered all over the yard.

Unhappy and disgruntled neighbors weighed in on the situation while speaking to WCBS.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Suzanne Pesature.

“I don’t want to live like him, like a pig,” added Joseph Vitulli.

What the house’s owner has complied with, however, is the installation of a fence around the backyard. But it doesn’t make the property any less of an eyesore or a fire hazard.

Now, with the help of State Senator Tony Avella, residents of this neighborhood are hoping that city agencies can help in forcing the owner to demolish the unsafe building.

How would you feel if you had to live next to a dilapidated home for a long time?

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Photo: WCBS New York

CORRECTION: February 6, 2018

An earlier version of the headline of this story said the house has been neglected for seven years. It has been neglected for 17 years. 

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