Cedar Posts Are Transformed Into The Perfect Nautical Yard Accessory

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

There’s something so fun about an address plaque that stands out a little. It’s a great way to display a little bit of your personality, while being sure your house number is impossible to miss!

And there are so many options! Depending on what makes your DIY inspiration soar, you can add paint, intricate wood carvings, or even little critters.

In Diane S‘ case, nautical notes struck a chord.

Using several crafting items that are easily purchasable (or maybe already around the house) she created a cute wood piling complete will rope and little decorative seagulls.

This fun decoration makes you feel like you are mere step away from the beach, regardless of proximity.

And, with the addition of the light, the decoration can be admired even when it’s dark out.

So get ready to yearn for a walk along the docks, while the ocean crashes behind as you scroll through the surprisingly simple process of making this piling.

Courtesy of Diane S

Diane began with three cedar posts of varying lengths, just like the wooden posts one sees at the beach.

She then tied them together with some nautical-looking rope.

Courtesy of Diane S

She purchased decorative wood seagulls standing on their own beach posts.

Courtesy of Diane S

She then painted the birds so that they looked like real flocking, flapping seagulls.

Removing their base, she left them freestanding so they could be attached to the big piling later.

Courtesy of Diane S

To attach them, she made spindly orange legs out of dowels and drilled them into the gulls.

Courtesy of Diane S

She then drilled holes in the top of the wood.

Courtesy of Diane S

The birds were attached to the beachy post, giving the illusion that they’re lazily lounging on their way to the shore.

Courtesy of Diane S

As a finishing touch, she added a light and her address, framed in a stylish steering wheel, fit for the high seas.

The little decorative post is a fun addition to the front of the house, and surely makes visitors long for sand between their toes.

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