These Gowns Made Entirely From Natural And Recycled Materials Will Leave You In Awe

by Grace Eire
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Thai designer Suchanatda Kaewsa-nga makes truly incredible designs while creating no additional waste.

How does she do it?

She rummages through the trash in her town in Thailand and utilizes totally natural materials like palm leaves and flowers to create the most stunning designs.

These aren’t necessarily meant to be functional dresses for everyday use, but works of art. These photos taken by Mackidd Bill really show off how incredible these designs are. There is so much motion and life in the gowns, and they truly are a spectacle to look at.

Suchanatda’s work was discovered when photographers Keow Wee Loong and Mackidd Bill were traveling in Thailand.

They spotted her rummaging through the garbage and were curious as to what she was up to. She showed them her work on her phone and they were so impressed that they had to see more.

Can you believe what this talented designer has done with materials from the earth?

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It takes a ton of imagination to think up a design like this.

palm gal

These photos really make you think about how we impact the earth with mass production.

green gal

Here is Suchanatda collecting some of her materials.


And here is the absolutely stunning result. Look at that craftsmanship!


Would you ever be able to think this up just by looking at palm leaves on the ground?


Or at banana tree leaves?


There is so much drama in her designs!

palm gal

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