Natural C-Section Lets Baby ‘Crawl’ Out Of Mom’s Stomach

by Barbara Diamond
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Pregnant women have historically chosen between two types of childbirths, natural and cesarean. But now, more mothers are opting for a combination between the two. In a jaw-dropping video recently posted to Facebook, childbirth educator Sophie Messager shared her friend’s “gorgeous gentle cesarean” in which the baby boy appears to walk himself out of the womb.

Messager says the mother’s local hospital refused to appease her nontraditional birth wishes, so she decided to switch hospitals. The mother was so grateful to meet Dr. Andy Simm at Nottingham City Hospital, who supported her birth plan and agreed to film the delivery of her son in an effort to educate other health professionals about this unique type of delivery.

“For me this really shows how it isn’t how the baby is born, but how the people present respect wishes and demonstrate support and kindness that makes a beautiful birth,” Messager wrote on Facebook. According to her, these were the mother’s wishes:

  • No drapes in the delivery room
  • Walking out of the baby to help clear his lungs
  • Delivery to chest if cord allowed
  • No clamping umbilical cord until it stops pulsating
  • No weighing or measuring the baby until the family is ready
  • Baby to stay on mother until she is ready to part (this took six hours), then transfer by pat sliding.
  • Mother can use her own music during delivery
  • Reduce the lights in the delivery room

The anesthetist lifted the mother up by her shoulders so that she was able to watch the birth in real time through a handheld mirror.

The video has since gone viral, receiving millions of views and tens of thousands of shares — and women all over the world have commented with messages of support. One commenter says, “I just watched this and it was so awesome. What a wonderful entrance into the world. 14 years ago my daughter had a natural birth and she also had to change hospitals because they didn’t support her birth plan.”

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Note: This video contains graphic imagery of a childbirth. While it’s fascinating to watch, it may be too intense for some viewers.

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