Celebrate National Gingerbread House Day With These Adorable Decorating Kits

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Ah, the gingerbread house. It’s a holiday tradition people absolutely love — whether you like baking gingerbread, decorating the house, or destroying and eating it, there’s something fun for everyone.

But how did gingerbread houses get their start? According to the Smithsonian, the tradition actually dates all the way back to the story of Hansel and Gretel! Gingerbread itself is even older than that — according to food historian Tori Avey, the first known gingerbread recipe came from ancient Greece. Later, during medieval fairs in Europe, gingerbread cookies were cut into fun shapes and decorated!

Gingerbread houses first became a Christmas tradition in 16th-century Germany.

In the 19th century, when the Brothers Grimm published their story of Hansel and Gretel, gingerbread houses grew in popularity.

Now gingerbread houses are hugely popular — there are even televised gingerbread house competitions!

December 12 is officially National Gingerbread House Day! Celebrate this fun holiday by decorating your very own gingerbread house. Here are some of the best kits you can buy!

1. Classic Gingerbread House, $9.99

classic gingerbread house

If you’re looking for a classic gingerbread house, this is the perfect kit. In addition to the prebaked house parts, this kit includes premade icing and a variety of candies for decorating. And if you always have a problem with getting your roof to stay on, you’ll appreciate that this kit has a roof helper!

Shop Now: Holiday Deluxe Gingerbread House Kit, Wondershop (Target, $9.99)

2. Tiny Gingerbread Village, $18.99

gingerbread village

Want to bake your own cookies? This kit allows you to do just that! Plus, the cookies and icing mixes are vegan (and there’s a gluten-free option as well!). For decoration, there are elegant red sprinkles.

Shop Now: Tiny Gingerbread Village Baking Kit (Uncommon Goods, $18.99)

3. Gingerbread Estate, $19.99

gingerbread estate

This isn’t your average gingerbread house — no, this is an estate! Much larger than a classic gingerbread house, this kit includes prebaked panels (that lock together), premixed icing, and assorted candy for decoration.

Shop Now: Gingerbread Estate Kit (Cost Plus World Market, $19.99)

4. Shimmer and Sparkle Gingerbread Castle, $8.98

gingerbread castle

Want your gingerbread house to give you winter wonderland vibes? This shimmer and sparkle castle features prebaked castle-shaped cookies, blue and white icing, and blue and white sprinkles and candies for decoration.

Shop Now: Wilton Build It Yourself Gingerbread Shimmer Castle Decorating Kit (Walmart, $8.98)

5. Gingerbread Camper, $9.99

gingerbread camper

How adorable is this holiday camper gingerbread “house”?! If you and your family want to decorate the most hipster gingerbread house around, this is the kit for you! Plus, it’s the perfect gingerbread “house” for entertaining guests at your holiday party.

Shop Now: Holiday Camper Gingerbread Kit, Wondershop (Target, $9.99)

6. Super Mario Gingerbread Castle, $16.88

super mario gingerbread

Are you and your friends/family members obsessed with Super Mario? This video game castle is so cute and unique! The kit comes with prebaked gingerbread panels, a gingerbread mushroom cookie, ready-to-use white icing, a tube of black icing, Super Mario and mushroom icing decorations, red and green fondant, a presentation board, a set of decorating tips, and instructions.

Shop Now: Wilton Build It Yourself Super Mario Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit (Walmart, $16.88)

7. Gingerbread Train, $9.99

7. Gingerbread Train, $9.99

Combining gingerbread houses with another holiday favorite — toy trains — is such a fun idea! This kit comes complete with prebaked cookies, three colors of icing, and an assortment of candies!

Shop Now: Holiday Gingerbread Train Kit, Wondershop (Target, $9.99)

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