Engaged Couples Are Reeling After Nationwide Wedding Venue Unexpectedly Closes Without Warning

by Stephanie Kaloi

Couples across the United States are reeling after a nationwide wedding venue closed without any warning.

The couples had all hired Noah’s Event Venue for their weddings and were stunned to learn that the event venue has closed permanently.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 2019 but didn’t shutter its doors until recently. The company’s president filed papers that included a statement reading, “In short, we simply grew too fast and lost our ability to react quickly to an ever-changing market by focusing too heavily on new locations versus making sure the fledgling locations had all the proper support.”

While the company owes refunds to everyone who had booked the venues, the surprise closing has left a lot of couples without a venue only months or even weeks before their weddings. Noah’s Event Venue had 42 locations in 25 states.

An attorney representing the company has added that even though Noah’s owes refunds, “The problem is that there’s nothing that I know of, there’s not very much, to be able to repay people with.”

Many of the couples paid a pretty hefty fee to use the event space. One couple in New York shared that they put down a $10,000 deposit for their wedding date.

Fortunately, other wedding vendors are stepping up to help out the couples who have lost their wedding venue. In Oklahoma City, another event company is offering to honor all deposits and contracts that couples have paid and let them use its event space for their weddings.

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma.

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