Natalie Wood’s Sister Reacts To Robert Wagner Being Named A Person Of Interest In Her Death

by Caralynn Lippo
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The renewed investigation into Natalie Wood’s death is stirring up drama within the late actress’ family.

Earlier in February 2018, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators revealed that Natalie’s then-husband, actor Robert Wagner, is considered a person of interest in her 1981 death. Natalie’s younger sister, fellow actress Lana Wood, recently opened up to Inside Edition about the new development, telling them she blames Robert for the tragedy.

“Something bad happened, and something wrong happened, and I want him to own up to that,” she said. “It is heartbreaking. It is a knife in my heart.”

“I have never wanted to think that he was in any way responsible,” the former “Bond girl” added. “And now, the brutality of the truth has struck me in the face, and I seriously have no choice.”

Robert has always maintained that Natalie’s death was accidental, according to Inside Edition — and Natalie’s kids believe him. As recently as 2016, Natalie’s daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, told Good Morning America that she does not, and has never, blamed her stepdad for her mom’s death.

“I know he didn’t [have any involvement],” Natasha said. “I think it was an accident.” When asked if she still searches for answers, she replied, “I have my answers. I don’t spend any time actually thinking about that[…] I feel sad that I don’t have my mom, and my daughter doesn’t have her grandma.”

Lana told Inside Edition that Robert broke off contact with her after Natalie’s death and that she doesn’t speak to her nieces, including Natasha. “I have sent enough tearful letters, left tearful messages, informed them that their grandmother had passed away. Nobody responds, and I can’t do that anymore,” Lana revealed.

The investigation into Natalie’s death, initially ruled an accidental drowning, was first reopened in 2011, after the boat captain, Dennis Davern, told the police he’d lied in his initial statement and that Robert and Natalie had been arguing on the night she died.

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