Kids Battling Cancer Design Space Suit That Is Now Orbiting In Outer Space

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

When you think about space, you might think of planets, stars, and maybe even movies or real events that made history there.

The limits are endless because the majority of the world hasn’t been to space, so your imagination can run wild.

But I’d say that most of us think of astronauts in white suits.

The huge circular helmets, the wires connected, and everything else we’ve seen in movies like Apollo 13 and Armageddon.

While that may be true for some astronauts who have made it to space, for Kate Rubens, a flight engineer currently at the International Space Station, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Thanks to NASA and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, she has a space suit that is one of a kind.

And it’s made by creative kids, who happen to need a little bit of hope because they’re all struggling with cancer.

The space suit art project was designed to create three space suits — called” courage,” “hope,” and “unity” — all in the hope of spreading the word about how much the combination of art and medicine can help aid children (and adults) with their medical struggles.

These suits start as blank canvases and then become something magical.

Each child is given one piece to design, however they want to, and then it’s taken to the pros to get quilted together as one.


The creators of the Space Suit Project are Ian Cion and retired astronaut Nicole Scott, who want to continue the project all over the world.

“You could pick up something distinctly Russian or Japanese looking at it up close, but as a whole, all the art just comes together and blends in an amazing way,” Scott said to ABC News.

The courage that these children have to fight a potentially fatal diagnosis is being recognized. Kate Rubens is wearing the courage suit in space to prove these kids are amazing, and to thank them for all their hard work.

Rubens is much more than an astronaut. She has a degree in cancer biology, and she knows that wearing this design means much more to these kids than it would to most.

Rubens is wearing one of the space suits at the International Space Station, and I can guarantee she’s the most stylish astronaut to ever float around up there.

Wouldn’t you agree? At least we know her suit has a lot of meaning and love within the seams.

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