Yellow Lab Ignores Her Mom Until Food Is Mentioned

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Apparently, this cute pup’s mother thinks that she has selective hearing.

Whether she has selective hearing or not, there’s no doubting this pup’s intelligence.

It’s always shocking to see dogs use their brains in ways that go further than barking, playing, and lying down… All their normal actions. But I don’t think that we give our loyal, loving pets enough credit.

Even with everyday moments, you can tell how smart a dog truly is. They learn to realize right from wrong, they can sense your emotions without words, and they learn how to get through their daily struggles without the help of their working parents.

Still, seeing them do the not-so-average tasks seem to be what we take most notice of, with good reason obviously.

Remember the boxer that figured out how to get treats out of the water bottle contraption? Or the little pup that put the shapes onto the toy in order!? Talk about looks and brains, they’re adorable.

Nala is no exception to the beauty and brains category. She’s a 22-week-old yellow Labrador, and she seems to have a great understanding of how life works already… It revolves around food.

Well, she and I agree on that, at least. Do you?

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