Watch This Beauty Vlogger Transform Her Nails Into A Fruit Salad!

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Doing your own really nice-looking nail art is like the holy grail of DIY beauty tutorials. By that, I mean that many rumors of it abound, but nobody has seen it for real in what feels like centuries.

That said, it has occurred to me that there could be one other reason I see so little cool nail art. It could just be that I am really, really terrible at nail art.

One Valentine’s Day, I tried to paint little hearts on my nails, and got so exhausted I fell asleep on my hands. I woke up two hours later with a half-dozen splotches of polish on my face.

So when I discovered the phenomenon that is the cutepolish YouTube channel, I was thrilled. She does simple nail art for the people who need it (me) and more complex tutorials for people with better fine motor skills.

To add the cherry on top, even some of the really complicated nail tutorials that she describes don’t actually seem that challenging when she guides you through them. As long as you’re willing to expend some time and effort, and maybe keep a bottle of this handy, you can probably pull at least a few of them off.

Take, for example, this adorable tutorial for decorating your nails like summer fruits! It looks really challenging, but it’s just a case of simple layering.

She starts with the base color of each fruit, green for kiwi, red for strawberry, and so on. Then she paints in the more linear details, like the wedge shape of a lemon. Lastly, she adds any seeds or smaller details. Voila! You have a whole fruit salad, right at your fingertips. But if this tutorial makes you hungry, I would maybe resist the impulse to snack until your nails dry.

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