Renovating Husband Cuts Into Ceiling When Hidden Purse Falls Out With Wedding Photo Album

by Emerald Pellot
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Megan Kapsidis and her husband, Bobby, have lived in the same Florida home for about eight years. Bobby decided to do some kitchen renovations and discovered a stunning mystery in the process.

Bobby was cutting into the ceiling when suddenly, a purse fell out of it. The purse was stamped with the words “Genuine Alligator. Made in Cuba.”

“When he finally pulled away the plaster and metal grate, this purse fell down and hit him in the face,” Megan told Pix 11.

But that wasn’t the only thing. They found a wedding album from more than 50 years ago. The wedding celebrated the marriage of Joseph and Marguerite Garguilo in Brooklyn, New York.

The stunning vintage photos were a beautiful look at yesteryear.

For many of us who didn’t grow up back then, it’s always enchanting to see what life was like for our older relatives.

The couple posted the photos on Facebook to track down the family. They were able to find a number, but it was disconnected.

After sharing their story ( and with the help of Inside Edition), the couple was able to track down Marguerite to an assisted living facility in Florida. Sadly, Joseph passed away from Parkinson’s disease.

Megan and Bobby now hope to reunite the album with Marguerite or a family member.

“I’m happy to give it to any of their family members… it’s not something that should be thrown away,” Megan said.

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