Couple Not Prepared When MRI Scan Shows Unborn Baby Looking Exactly Like An Angry Martian

by Amy Paige
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By the time Laura got pregnant for the third time, she knew she was at a particularly high risk of developing preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.

During the pregnancy, Laura underwent multiple tests to make sure everything was OK with her unborn baby.

Doctors were immediately worried when they found excess fluid on her baby’s brain. In February 2017, they performed a brain scan on the unborn baby boy, Lucas.

The MRI tech said these images would look a lot different than traditional 2D scans. Laura and her partner, Matthew, assumed they were about to see a crisp, clear picture of their son, but nothing really prepared them for what came next.

Within seconds of seeing the MRI scan, Laura and Matthew went from standing there frozen in a state of shock to bursting out laughing.

It was only when Lucas received a clean bill of health that Laura decided to share the MRI scan publicly.

You’re about to see why the image went viral, and why Lucas’ parents say the image provided some much-needed comic relief after their initial medical scare…

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