Couple Lives Inside This Old White Moving Van Transformed Into A One-Bedroom Apartment

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Just days after getting married, Drew and Brittany rented a converted moving truck. They decided it would be the perfect way to explore England while searching for a permanent van-home to buy.

“Hector,” a white Iveco Luton, was originally used as a moving van but has since been transformed into a quirky live-in camper courtesy of Quirky Campers. Most of the exterior looks like a traditional moving van, but the teal door and window on the back hint at the surprises that hide inside.

The van features everything you need to live comfortably: a wood-burning stove, a kitchen with running water and gas oven, bathroom with shower and toilet, and three solar panels on the roof.

There are also permanent sleeping and seating areas, and a lovely back porch.

After their experience with Hector came to an end, Drew and Brittany moved into an 18-foot custom converted Ford Transit while traveling anywhere and everywhere their rolling home will go.

Drew and Brittany have been living life on the road since January 2015, exploring the US, Canada, the UK and now Europe. The couple documents their adventures on their blog, “Mr. And Mrs. Adventure” and hope to inspire their readers to love deeply and explore endlessly.

Watch the video below to see what Drew and Brittany’s temporary van-turned-house looks like. Could you live here?

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Video Credit Mr. And Mrs. Adventure / Instagram / YouTube / Website / Quirky Campers

Music Credit: Pacific Sun by Nicolai Heidlas

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