After String Of Heartbreak, Woman’s ‘Movie Star Makeover’ Has Her Looking Decades Younger

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. After graduating from Florida State University with a creative writing degree, she moved straight to New York City to pursue a career in the arts. She loves discovering and sharing viral videos, watching movies with her Muppet-like poodle mix named Cali, and doing the robot whenever possible.

After enduring a string of heartbreaking losses, Phoebe was ready to begin a new chapter.

First, Phoebe moved away from the home she’d lived in for 49 years, and it was difficult to adjust.

The move was so devastating and stressful that she fell physically ill.

Then, after Phoebe recovered, she lost her son to pancreatic cancer on Thanksgiving Day. What an unimaginable loss.

The grieving mother picked up the pieces of her broken heart and began taking life day by day. At 76 years old, she was ready for a dramatic change to help her move forward with more confidence and energy — and a dramatic change is precisely what she got.

Phoebe is a fan of Chris “The Makeover Guy” and his incredible makeovers.

Chris’ work has been featured many times on LittleThings. Phoebe had watched all of the impressive transformations but wanted to go through the process herself. So she took a chance and traveled all the way from her hometown in Vermont to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for an appointment at Chris’ salon.

By the end of this clip, Phoebe looks completely different and feels totally rejuvenated. “I feel like a movie star!” she proclaims.

“OMG! You took 30 years off of her,” one YouTube commenter wrote. “She is STUNNING! I had to make sure I hadn’t accidentally switched videos because it just doesn’t look like the same person! And you can see how wonderful she feels about her makeover.”

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