Police Can’t Solve Cold Case, Then 2-Year-Old Can Of Mountain Dew Gives DNA Evidence They Need

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Cold cases can be really interesting, but also incredibly frustrating.

One cold case in Wisconsin had stumped detectives for two years — until an unusual piece of evidence helped them crack the mystery.

The case involved $76,000 of copper stolen from private land in April 2015.

While stolen copper may not sound like the most exciting mystery in the world, the sheer amount that disappeared is truly astounding. Plus, police weren’t sure what the criminals were up to with all that stolen copper. They wanted to get it back before it was sold off or used.

However, detectives couldn’t connect the dots. They had suspects, but there was no way for them to prove that those suspects were actually on the property at the time of the theft.

The case sat cold for two years, until shocking new evidence gave police all the information they needed to arrest their suspects.

This is some awesome detective work — it almost makes me want to go to school to become a detective. As a big fan of mystery novels, even I’m impressed by this one.

Check out the video below to learn just how a can of Mountain Dew left behind at the scene of the crime helped police catch four suspects, and don’t forget to SHARE this story on Facebook!

Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Todd Morris

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