Biker Chases Hit-And-Run Driver Nearly 20 Miles, Until Police Can Catch Up

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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I like to believe that anyone involved in a car accident will wait until the police show up before driving off, but that is not always true.

A motorcyclist in Colton, California, became angry after seeing a driver cause and flee the scene of a pileup. It’s not right for someone to run away from that kind of responsibility, which is why this man decided to take action.

Police hadn’t arrived at the scene yet, but “Dick Danger,” the motorcycle rider, felt like he couldn’t let the man drive away from the scary accident.

Dick called 911, and then took off in pursuit of the fleeing driver.

The high-speed chase covered nearly 20 miles, from Colton to Moreno Valley, California. At times, the two drivers were going nearly 90 miles an hour, despite the fact that the black Mercedes was badly damaged and falling apart as they drove.

Of course, this is an incredibly dangerous situation. I would never recommend someone do something like this — but Dick’s actions did help ensure that the driver was held responsible for his actions.

Dick says he couldn’t just let this driver get away. He said: “I immediately thought that this guy, he’s gonna hurt somebody, or he’s gonna get someone killed on the freeway.”

Check out the video below to see some of the incredible chase for yourself (which Dick caught on his GoPro camera) and to find out what happened when police arrived. Don’t forget to SHARE this unbelievable story on Facebook!

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