Man Sees Mother Possum Approaching, Then Counts 12 Babies Clinging To Her Back

by Emerald Pellot
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This is a crazy thing to witness. Jim Stoller thought he was looking at a very mangy cat going for a stroll outside of his Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, office. Then he began to look closer and realized it was something even stranger.

A mother possum was going for a walk… with 12 of her babies clinging onto her back.

“I was sitting in my office when I saw what looked to be very mangy cat, and then realized it was an opossum with 12 babies on it,” Jim told Viral Hog.

Jim knew he had to capture the moment on camera; this was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

“I snapped a quick picture with my phone. I realized how slow she was moving, and we have a 200-foot-long building, so I ran out of my office down to the other end of the warehouse, cracked open the exit door, and lo and behold she was coming right for the door,” he said. “She was coming right for the door, so I pulled out the phone again and started filming.”

Jim filmed while the mother came closer and closer. He thought she might even walk through his office door.

“Once I figured she wasn’t coming in for a visit, I stuck my arm out and got the super close-up at the end there,” he said.

The only question remains is why don’t these little ones walk on their own? As they say, single mothers really do have it hardest, but they never fail their babies!

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