Mother Hen Takes Loving Care Of Abandoned Baby Quail

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Sometimes, in the wild, little baby animals end up without a mother to take care of them.

There are tons of reasons that this may happen. Whether the mother is killed by a predator, or her natural instinct is telling her to leave her baby behind because it’s a runt or deformed… Wild animals need foster mothers all the time.

When the folks at Denmans Critters in Tennessee found out that a bunch of quail babies had hatched on their farm, they saw no mother in sight.

The best thing to do was to take them into their care.

Many people would simply put these guys into an incubator to keep them warm by a heat lamp. However, these farmers had a much better idea.

Why do you think hens are depicted as mothers so often in children’s books? Clearly, it’s because they’re wonderful at taking care of their young.

These baby quail huddle up next to this mother hen for warmth. Using a foster hen mother is much more effective than using an incubator, as she’s able to actually care for them.

Plus, every baby needs a loving mother. It’s amazing what the care from a fellow creature can do for a little fighting spirit.

These babies are no bigger than a quarter, but they’re all doing very well, all thanks to their adoptive mother.

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