Mother Bear Saves All 3 Of Her Cubs From Being Swept Away By A Waterfall

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

In every mother, human or animal, there is a motherly instinct that tells her when danger is near, or how she can protect her young.

This base instinct is the same across all species.

This cow was in distress when her injured calf was whisked away by humans, and she stuck to his side until they were both safe and sound. These creatures are just like us!

Now check out this amazing footage taken in Katmai National Park in Alaska. It features a massive bear, on the edge of a small waterfall, presumably looking for dinner. 

But she notices something in the water: Her three cubs, too small and not strong enough to bolster themselves against the current, are floating downstream, about to go over the waterfall, and far away from her.

The mother bear’s instinct kicks in, and with surprising speed and agility, she rushes across the water to catch each one of them in time.

One by one, she plucks them from the water and lifts them to the safety of the shore.

The little cubs will grow up to be fierce creatures, but for now, they still need Mom’s guidance, watchful eye, and lifesaving skills!

Now watch the entire clip to see the mother bear jump to action, just like any good mom would.

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