This Easy-To-Make Moss Bath Mat Is The Woodsy Accessory Every Home Needs

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

Decorating a small space is a hard thing to do. Too many decorations can create a cluttered look, but not enough decor creates a space that’s empty and uninviting.

A great way to decorate without taking up any space is with a rug. With the right color scheme and fabric, a rug can completely transform the vibe of any room in the house.

Surprisingly enough, you can even spruce up the bathroom with the right rug. Depending on your bathroom’s style, you can upcycle old bath towels into a cozy area rug, or for a more natural look, you can make your own bath mat with moss!

Creating a moss bath mat only requires a few materials, and the end result is a professional-looking rug worthy of a mystical cabin in the woods. Plus, the moss will feel wonderful on your feet every time you walk out of the shower!

Check out the materials and instructions below, then watch the video to learn how to piece together your moss bath mat.


  • foam
  • X-acto knife
  • Sharpie
  • measuring tape
  • glue
  • moss adhesive
  • spray bottle
  • moss
  • rocks


  1. Cut a rectangle out of foam. Using a Sharpie and measuring tape, cut a 1-inch thick border out of foam and glue it on top of the rectangle.
  2. Spread moss adhesive on the foam rectangle and spray with water. Cover the rectangle with moss and spray with water.
  3. Line the border with rocks using glue. Enjoy your new bath mat!

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