Morgan Freeman Abruptly Stopped SAG Speech And Now Admits He Was Just Saying Hi To Lily Tomlin

by Jess Butler
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Among the most talked about moments from the 2018 SAG Awards, one particular part of the show seemed to grab everyone’s attention.

Morgan Freeman accepted a lifetime achievement award onstage on January 21, 2018, but the celebrated actor suddenly stopped and turned his attention toward someone sitting in the audience.

He interrupted his own speech for a little bit and said, “Hey… I’m talking to you. Yeah! Hey,” adding, “OK, well you just stand out for me, that’s all!”

Ever since the monumental pause during the acting legend’s speech aired, people all over the internet have been sharing their thoughts on the situation.

Many people tried to conclude that the veteran actor was calling someone out for texting or talking during his speech. However, Morgan now says that’s not the case.

In the video below, the 80-year-old A-lister is confronted by reporters backstage and tells them the real story at the very end of the clip. When one man asks about him stopping his speech, he replies, “Yeah. That was Lily Tomlin. She’s a wonder in herself, and I’ve always loved her. I see her, I say hello.”

Despite everyone’s speculations, Morgan was just trying to say hello to Lily Tomlin during his acceptance speech!

Check out the moment as it happens in the video below, and please SHARE if you think Morgan’s pause surprised everyone!

Photo: Entertainment Tonight

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