This Dog Dressed Up As A Mop For Halloween And Now People Are Freaking Out

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Have you ever heard of a puli dog? Chances are that you haven’t, but I bet you know what they look like.

These dogs have shaggy, dreadlock-type fur and are also known as “mop dogs.”

According to the American Kennel Club:

Compact, vigorous and alert, the Puli is a tough-as-nails herding dog, able to perform its duties across any terrain. The Puli coat is wavy or curly and naturally clumps together into wooly “cords,” which protects them from harsh weather.

One of these adorable pups recently turned heads at a Halloween party by embracing her mop-like appearance and dressing up as, you guessed it, a mop.

At a Paw-Rade in Covington, Kentucky, the sweet dog named Keki was rolled down the street in a bucket by her owner.

While other dogs were dressed up as food and superheroes, Keki lounged around in her bright yellow pail and soaked up all the attention she was getting.

[H/T: Bored Panda]

keki mop

Instead of running down the street in a stuffy costume, Keki got to chill and relax in a bucket.

That’s right, she dressed up as a mop.

keki dog

People were blown away by Keki’s costume, and they absolutely fell in love with her.

Look how cute she is!

dog mop

People who saw the pictures of Keki couldn’t contain their joy.

One man wrote, “Wow 12/10.”

dog parade

Some people couldn’t even tell if there was a real dog in the mop bucket!

One guy wrote, “The video wasn’t playing and I couldn’t tell if it was a real dog.”

mop doggo

“I’m crying tears of joy,” wrote another person.

Other people who own puli dogs immediately wanted to recreate this costume with their own pups.

keki dog mop

“Omg this is so presh,” wrote another woman.

The best part of the whole costume is just how happy Keki looks!

mop keki

“Can’t get over the tongue,” one woman said.

“I’ve never seen a better Halloween costume in my life,” another wrote.

twitter poem

One woman even took to Twitter to write a poem about Keki the mop dog.

mop dog

If you had a dog like this, would you dress them up in this costume?

mop doggy

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