8 Friends Spot Head Poking Out Of 6 Feet Of Snow So They Grab Shovels And Dig Out Giant Moose

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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I consider moose the ultimate winter animals. After all, they mostly live in Canada and are probably pretty accustomed to brutal winters and a lot of snow.

But one moose in Newfoundland, Canada, seems to have had enough of the deep snow all around him.

According to Inside Edition, a group of friends riding around on their snowmobiles in Newfoundland happened upon a moose in distress. The poor guy was trapped in the snow and needed some help getting back up.

According to HuffPost, the riders were Jonathan Anstey and seven of his friends. The group found the moose trapped neck-deep — in what Jonathan estimates was about six feet of snow. He says he “could tell [the moose] was extremely distressed.”

Moose are certainly built to withstand the deep cold of a Canadian winter, but sometimes their size can get in the way. Because this moose was so big, he was having trouble making his way through snow that deep.

Thankfully, the snowmobile riders saw the moose’s head peeking out from the deep snow. They hopped off their rides to help shovel him out.

Jonathan says it took them a few minutes to dig around the moose, then make a path for him. Once the moose realized he was free, he stood close to the men to dry off — and kept looking back at Jonathan: his way of saying “thank you.”

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Thumbnail Photos: CBS — Inside Edition

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