Dad-To-Be Creates Moon-Shaped Baby Crib

by Rebecca Landman
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Nesting is such a lovely part of any parent-to-be’s preparation process.

When Instructables user lvdst1 was getting ready for his baby’s birth, he spent a long time contemplating his newborn’s crib.

He decided early on that his darling would not be sleeping in just any old crib from the store.

This proud papa would build his new child a unique crib with his own two hands, and had the perfect vessel in mind.

Using wood, glue, staples, and plethora of creativity, this crafty, DIY-ing dad built his newborn a moon-shaped crib, decked out with all sorts of lovely details.

Anchored in place with two sturdy feet and filled to the brim with cushy pillows, this moon crib is bound to keep his baby sleeping sweetly all through the night.

Plus, the adorably carved stars lining its walls will surely inspire this youngster’s imagination to soar into all sorts of lovely nap time and evening dreamlands.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn all about how this dad built his precious baby a one-of-a-kind crib.

crib prep

While decorating his baby’s nursery, Instructables user lvdst1‘s imagination began running wild, dreaming up all sorts of adorable DIY furniture projects he could build to make his newborn’s room extra special.

In time, he set his sights on building his new baby a crib, shaped like a moon.

crib frame

First, he traced and sawed out the crib’s frame.

crib frame

Then he assembled the frame pieces together, adhering them with wood glue and a staple gun.

crib panels

With his frame set in place, this DIY-er began paneling wood along the moon crib’s sides.

crib cushion

This father-to-be added wood, piece by piece, methodically situating each panel in its perfect place.

crib panels

Soon, this adorable crib was a few finishing touches away from perfection.

crib base

With two stabilizing wooden feet secured to his crib’s bottom, this dad ensured his little one would surely stay safe all through the night.

moon crib

To make his cute creation even more lovely, this DIY-er carved a few small stars into his moon crib’s sides as an adorably decorative touch.

moon crib

Decked out with new sheets and a precious pillow, this moon crib was ready to lull his newborn to sleep night after night.

What do you think of this adorable moon-shaped crib? Have you ever built a crib for your baby? Let us know in the comments.

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