I Got A Menstrual ‘Moon Cycle Massage’ To See If It Would Help Soothe My Painful Period Cramps

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the internet when I stumbled upon something interesting: an article about a “menstrual massage.”

What?! I thought to myself. How have I never heard of this before?

As LittleThings resident period guinea pig, I’ve tried a lot of period products. From the menstrual cup to Thinx period panties, I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m willing to try anything when it comes to my menstrual cycle.

This also means that I’ve done a lot of research about periods. So how was it possible I’d never come across a menstrual massage before?

I was ecstatic. I’ve had a few massages before, but not nearly as many as I’d like. And what better time of the month to have a relaxing experience than during that time of the month?

I knew I had to try it. Learn more about what a menstrual massage is and what happened when I got one below!

What Is A Menstrual Massage?

what is a menstrual massage
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Basically, a menstrual massage is a massage you get during your period. It’s meant to relieve pain and discomfort associated with your cycle.

I went to Massage Greenpoint, in Brooklyn, New York, which offers a “Moon Cycle Massage.” They explain their menstrual massage in the following way:

A deeply therapeutic session to support women during their monthly moon cycle. This massage helps ease cramps, pain, and tension associated with PMS and dysmenorrhea surrounding the monthly period.

Where To Get A Menstrual Massage

massage greenpoint
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I had no idea how popular menstrual massages were until I started researching them, but people have actually been using massage to ease period pain for a long time.

Although most salons don’t offer “menstrual massages” per se, they’re usually more than willing to give you a massage during your cycle and customize it to your specific needs.

My Experience

moon cycle massage
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I read up on Massage Greenpoint’s “Moon Cycle Massage” online, and it sounded absolutely amazing.

Normally, my periods are pretty mild, but I often experience cramps on the first and last days of my cycle.

massage table
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The biggest issue I have when it comes to my period is back pain. Ever since I injured my back as a teen, the normal back pain I originally had during my menstrual cycle got a lot worse. To this day, my back still cramps up during my entire period.

Luckily, the Moon Cycle Massage is personalized to whatever specific problems you have during your cycle.

ileana massage
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Massage Greenpoint explains:

During the session, a deep heat pack of organic flax and lavender is applied to the lower back or abdomen to reduce cramps.

A special blend of Rose Geranium massage oil is applied. Rose Geranium has been used for centuries and is known in Ayrvedic medicine for its hormone balancing properties.

i needed that
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The session will focus on stress relief via neck, shoulders, and deep lower back work, alleviating the symptoms of the monthly cycle and allowing you to feel more grounded in your body.

Following the session, enjoy a cup of organic raspberry leaf tea for extra menstrual support.

tea and water
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I wound my way through the old industrial building to the massage studio, where they warmly welcomed me into the waiting area.

They told me to take off my shoes and relax. After filling out an intake form, they introduced me to my massage therapist.

She invited me into a private room, where I took off most of my clothes and lay down on the massage table.

drinking tea
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Using the aforementioned lavender flax heat pack and rose geranium massage oil, my massage therapist started working the knots out of my back.

For most of the time, she massaged my neck, shoulders, and lower back — and she somehow found muscles I didn’t even know existed.

Although parts of it were a little intense, it was the kind of pain that you know is going to feel great tomorrow.

refreshed massage
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Toward the middle of the massage, my therapist started working on my feet, explaining that there are certain pressure points in your feet that correspond to other parts of your body.

At one point, she massaged a particular spot that she said would relax the spleen, which can also help relax the uterus.

As my massage came to an end, the therapist told me to continue the relaxation at home by taking a warm shower. After the massage was over, I went back into the waiting room, where they gave me raspberry tea and water before I left.

Final Thoughts

ileana bella
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Would I get another Moon Cycle Massage? Absolutely. During my menstrual cycle, my hormones and emotions get all out of whack — everything takes more of a toll on me, and a massage was exactly what I needed. Although I’d had a particularly rough week before my massage this time, I can see how it would help during any menstrual cycle.

Would I recommend a menstrual massage to a friend? Yes, especially if you have bad cramps or back pain during your period. The entire experience was incredible, and even though massages can be a little pricey, it’s worth it to take care of your mental and physical health.

feeling great massage
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