He Transforms An Old, Useless Mini Fridge Into A Chicken Egg Incubator

by Angel Chang
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There are so many wonderful creators, designers, and builders out there whose imaginations never cease to amaze me.

One of my favorite upcycle projects, for example, involved a crafter turning old pallets into a battery-powered radio. However, I’ve seen so many intriguing and whacky DIY projects over the years, that I didn’t think anything would ever surprise me anymore.

But, oh, how wrong I was! Recently, I came came upon something that made my eyes widen: Imgur user avgfitfreak found a worn-out energy drink mini fridge and transformed it into something pretty spectacular.

By switching up the interior of the fridge, and by reordering the wiring a little bit, he managed to prepare an environment that was perfect to keep a couple of eggs warm. But it doesn’t stop there! In the end, he was surprised and delighted at the turn of events…

Scroll further to see photos of this amazing upcycle creation, and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

User avgfitfreak started the project with a mini fridge that he had found on Craigslist. The owner was giving it away for free, but our user had a "vision" to turn this appliance into the perfect incubator.

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

First, he removed the built-in thermostat and refrigerator parts, but he kept the lights and the air circulation fan.

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

Next he installed a piece of heat tape on the back wall of the fridge. This was to be a substitute for the cool coils, which helped cool the air inside the fridge. But he needed the inside of the fridge to be warm inside, so that heat could be insulated for something very special...

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

He filled a food storage container with water to stabilize the humidity inside the incubator. He also installed two egg turners, so that the eggs wouldn't have to be rotated multiple times during the day.

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

To test out the incubator, he ordered some eggs and placed them inside...

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

And lo and behold — the incubator succeeded! A miraculous 21 days later, the first chick hatched.

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

After several chicks had hatched in succession, he ditched the digital thermometer and started using a simple, $2 bulb thermometer to monitor the eggs.

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

Here is a double tufted rumpless Araucana chick that had happily hatched. This was certainly a wildly innovative way to make use of an old mini fridge!

Mini fridge turned egg incubator

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