Tiny Monkey Jumps On Table, Then Customers Realize She’s The Waitress This Evening

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

A Japanese restaurant owner named Kaoru Otsuka, is the brains behind The Kayabukiya Tavern, in Utsunomiya.

This tavern is widely known for one thing, and it’s not necessarily it’s food — but instead, the waiters and waitresses serving it.

They’re not like any other food industry employees you’ve ever seen, at least I don’t think you have because they’re actually monkeys. Yes, that’s right — these servers, bringing utensils, napkins, and plates, are little monkeys that are much smarter than you may think.

It all started with one of Kaoru’s monkeys named Yat-chan, but since Yat-chan, another monkey has come along and taken the role to a whole new level.

At 3 years old, Fuku-chan started copying Yat-chan, and now, after 14 years, Fuku-chan has become the main attraction at the restaurant.

In the footage below you can see that Fuku-chan is dressed in an adorable black and white uniform. She brings the customers their napkins and even their drink orders. Kaoru insists that all of his monkeys are happy, and they’re paid in bananas!

Fuku-chan doesn’t look like there’s any pressure being put on her to do these tasks, and she sure is good at her job. No wonder people come from all over the world to get waited on by her. It seems like a once in a lifetime experience to me. These customers in the video are in love, and I’m sure, so appreciative. Find out more in the video below as you watch this little one at work.

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