Woman Sings Emotional Song For Little Sister, Breaks Down When Simon Suddenly Cuts The Music

by Jess Butler
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Monica Michael walked into the audition room of The X Factor UK with a lot to prove.

Feeling unable to fit in as a teenager, she rebelled and acted out. The young woman had a troubled past, but she wasn’t going to let that dictate her future or steer her away from her dreams of singing.

Monica came to her audition with a song she had written for her 16-year-old sister Natalie.

In the video below, posted on September 6, 2014, Monica explains: “She witnessed me going off the rails and that obviously affected her. And if she did do the things I did or the rebellious things that I went through, it would break my heart. So, I just want to let her know that I’m there for her.”

She adds, “If I were to get four yeses from the judges today, it would definitely inspire her to achieve, you know, what she wants to achieve in her life and also make my family proud of the fact that I changed my life around and went for my dreams.”

Soon, she walks over to introduce herself to the judges of The X Factor UK and mentions the song she wrote for her younger sister. Monica takes a deep breath as she prepares for her big, pivotal moment.

Her raspy, soulful voice takes over as she belts out her emotions, all dedicated to Natalie. Then, she surprises the judges with a rap portion that fits perfectly with her performance.

Suddenly, Simon raises his hand and cuts the music. Monica just stares at him, visibly upset.

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